image outline of a human torso , where clouds form the head and the sun peeping from the cloud.

An Ode to Uncertainty

And why do we strive,

So hard in this life

For an elusive illusion

Called certainty?

When nature, by it's very nature

Is Uncertain.

A moment ago, t'was the sun,

In whose wonderful warmth we basked.

Soon after came the storm

So violent that it ravaged us all.

A sea so serene

So soft, so still

And yet, a mere turn of the tide

Now, waves of vengeful wrath.

A mountain so majestic,

Mysterious and mute

All it took was a moment

An eruption thundered through

Learnings are many

But the learned so few.

Why do we resist

That which is natural and true?

Go with the flow, I say

Living only for the day.

The best of this chaos, let's make,

Embracing all in its wake.

For the only real certainty

Is Uncertainty.

as wheels turn,

and karmas burn

I fervently yearn

to unlearn

for, unless I'm lost, how will I find?

Unless I'm nil, how will I fill?

A Different Cut?

As twilight set,

I began my quest.

In the little clearing,

Outside my nest.

Each fallen twig,

I bent and picked.

Hoping to sire

A nice warm fire.

And then I paused,

For a question crossed:

Will it last for the morrow?

What of others in the same sorrow?

The very next morn,

A little after dawn

A sweet surprise in store!

For the twigs they fell,

Many more!

The trees did sway,

Almost as to say:

While we’re here,

There's no fear

Of the cold getting near.

I gazed in awe,

At natures’ law.

The beauty of life,

Of sharing without strife

And then I paused,

For a question crossed:

Are we a different cut,

That we proudly strut?

Plundering and pillaging,

All on our path

Goaded by greed,

Far in excess of our need.

What once was new is now old

And what is now new will soon be old

And so it goes

With friends and foes

Once a friend, now a foe

And now a friend, but a foe before

Nothing to hold

Nothing to last

Each day is gold

But flowing so fast

Regret not the past

And fret not the future

The moment is now

Let’s make it a wow!

Happy “Now” Year

to all of you!

and i wonder:

is there a flower that smells its own fragrance?

water which quenches its own thirst?

a wind that blows against itself?

a sun that basks in its own warmth?

a tear that cries,

or a joke that laughs at itself?

The Paradox?

Can I be an Extremist?

When it comes to compassion?

A Fanatic?

When it comes to spreading love?


When it comes to purging prejudice?


When it comes to annihilating intolerance?

image astronaut holding a bunch of balloons , but the balloons looks like planets

That which you call a god

By any other name

Is here, and there, and everywhere

Refusing to be cabined, cribbed and confined

To the exclusive claims of petty populations.

That which you call a god

By any other name

Will never ever

condone killings in her name.

That which you call a god

By any other name

Knows only one religion

Its called love

That which you call a god

By any other name

Is very much within

If only you searched.

That which you call a god

By any other name

Chants but one mantra

One is all

And all is one.

Eid Mubarak to one and all!

Imagination: my kind of nation

No borders, No boundaries

No jingoism, No jibes

No wars, no wounds

No insular identity....

Just a passport

stamped with love.

As we sail forth into yet another new year,

let me resolve to be poorer (in possession)

and richer (in freedom from want).

Happy new year to all of you!

Sun rays through the foliage.

Leaves rustle and birds chirp.

A soulful melody that is nature.

The world has not yet woken.

Tis' a wonderful morning that has broken.

I soared as a cloud

And then it rained

I swam as the sea

And then it froze

I glistened as a glacier

And then it thawe

Expanding Horizons

A dollop of dung

In a glass of water

Alas! The water is tainted

And cannot be drunk

A dollop of dung

In the big blue ocean

How insignificant!

Did the dung even drop?

So it is with the mind

The narrower the mind, the greater the taint

Upon the invasion of a woeful woe.

But expand the mind

And you will find

That, much like the ocean

The woe is but a tiny drop

Dissolving into oblivion

In the vastness of the ocean

Am I the dreamer or the dream?

the singer or the song?

the flower or the fragrance?

the player or the played?

the cause or the effect?

the creator or the creation

I am..

that I am

A cold cloudy morn..

the streets forlorn..

I ask:

Am I the singer or the song?

the dreamer or the dream?

the flower or the flagrance?

the question or the answer?

the sun breaks through...

heat and light ensue...

my questions answer themselves...

for, i just am....

Roses are red,

Violets are blue.

What lies beneath,

If only I knew.

In wonderment I dwell,

Held as though by a spell.

Till a breeze that blew,

Whispered that I knew.

The wind and the trees,

The birds and the bees.

Me and you,

And a dog named boo.

We're all for one

And one for all.

image torso of a man wearing shirt with a squiggly head

She made a face,

It simply stood

She laughed at it

It simply looked

She wore the finest

..of animal skin

All it wore

Was its own skin

Longing to be

With kith and kin

An iron bar

Between the two

And I wonder:

Who the beauty?

Who the beast?

The darker the night, the brighter the morn.

The lower the plain, the higher the hill.

The louder the city, the quieter the cave.

The sadder the death, the happier the birth.

The blunter the object, the sharper the knife.

The bigger the house, the smaller the heart.

The wetter the sea, the dryer the shore.

The longer the wait, the sweeter the meet.

On Teachers

The best teachers are not those that teach.

But them that trigger a brazen breach!

Not those that force you to learn

But them that spark a serious unlearn!

Ode to Aadhaar

Grass seemed greener on the Aadhaar side

Seduced by its spell, I got taken for a ride

Linking my card, not once but twice

Lulled by its lore and some lies

But soon I found

That Aadhaar was unsound

Privacy breaches and bunglings galore

Data pirates so desperate to score

My unique ID is now up in the air

Open to all, both foul and fair

Yet the “authority” insists that all is well

Link some more…and we’ll all be swell!

To our courts therefore, I now do turn

For privacy, justice, and a little less burn

On Dope...

Dope is finite

But hope is infinite

Don’t do drugs

Get high on hope

On Love...

Tis' no flaw

That we be queer

Love needs no law

Much less a cure!

On lawyers…

If only more lawyers

Adorned non legal layers

Read outside their cases

And dropped out of rat races

How much more fun

this world would become?

For each message of hate

I sent them a message of love.

And for each offering of violence,

I sent them an offering of peace.

Asking: are you and I not the same?

None superior. None inferior.

None an insider. None an outsider.

None with the right god. None with the wrong god.

But part of the same whole.

Nay, the whole itself!

The apple I possess is not a fruit,

and neither is the blackberry that I brandish.

The safari that I’m on transports me to a multitude of

virtual spaces…..

but not to the vast wilderness in distant africa

that I long for.

I make many a power point….

and yet a powerful point continues to elude me.

Excel is no longer an aspirational value, but a program

that continues to befuddle.

Emails expand my communicative reach...

but come with increasing “attachments",

in what is already a desire driven existence.

I open many a “window”,

but can’t seem to get enough fresh air…

Alas, in this tech-ridden world,

"IT....therefore I am"!

image outline of a mountain

I wanted to fix machines,

I became an engineer.

I wanted to fix bodies,

I became a doctor.

I wanted to fix society,

I became a lawyer.

I wanted to fix the nation,

I became a politician.

I wanted to fix matches,

I became a cricketer

All the while forgetting,

That "I" needed a fixing too.

Walk the Talk

They taught us the talk,

Justice, equity and all.

But whither the walk?

To help those in need,

With many mouths to feed.

Our hearts yearn to do,

What our books command us to!

So we strive to set right,

The notoriety of might.

But they ravage and maul State goondas, so tall!

Bruised and maimed,

We return to be shamed?

“How reckless, how trite,

How dare you do what’s right!

Go back to your books.

Grades, moots and all.

As a student, that's your only call!

When you can talk the talk, why walk the walk?

At your notion of justice, we do balk!

The beauty of law is in the book

That's the only place you need to look!”

On Nihad Basheer’s

IDIA ON WHEELS project…..

How do I tell you and them what I see?

The sight, the smell and the feel.

Never had I dreamed,

That I would come so far,

On a path so odd,

On my cycle,

On the road.

It has been a lot of days of cycling,

I have lost count.

But the journey so far has been incredible,

I meet a lot of people on the way,

And I am still grappling with using the right words to respond

To their ‘why not go on the same journey on a

bus? – why cycle?’ question.

I tell them it is because I like to cycle, that it is my passion.

Some understand but some are as astonished as ever.

How do I tell them this is my way of making sense of the

world? – my way of learning?

This is how I hope to grow

and know myself better.

Every day is a struggle.

And I am stronger for the same.

Even content.

Couldn’t have asked for anything more.

Guess this is how I am atlast becoming whole.

On living in the moment…

They asked me to live one moment at a time.

Just as I pondered this profundity,

the moment was gone

Of all the human acts, the toughest of them all:

To dwell in the moment, without dwelling on it!

On changing the name of

the Kempegowda Airport to

Tipu Sultan Airport

What's in a Name?

That which you call Tipu

By any other name,

Would have slaughtered!

For that's what most kings did.

In the days of yore.

When there was no real "India" so to speak!

Striving to spread their dominion,

Propelled by politics

And religious rage too!

Let the airport be!

For it foretells a flight,

A purge of (earthly) prejudices....

Religious, political, parochial....

image ink pot with a feather inside

Coming of Age

Is age a mere number,

Or something of a stumbler?

How would I know?

When I’ve got nothing to show

No laughter, no light,

No parent in sight.

But a soul so kind

On a road did (me) find

Picked up and led,

To an orphanage that fed.

Stayed for some years

But soon there were tears

For I had to make way,

for another child to stay.

On the streets I found

Much fury and sound

Did odd jobs and all,

to find food and stall.

But loved to read and think

And make many a link

Discovered one day

The law and its way

Through an IDIA that came,

with a more inclusive game.

Access, Diversity and all

Elite bastions to fall

Charging me with hope

About the law and its stroke

To fight injustice we see,

and be the best we can be.

But alas,

CLAT said no!

Too old for school you know.

With sadness I find

The law is unkind

Age is a ceiling

For those without feeling.

The name’s Michael Sam

But who gives a damn!

Born without a date

Then left to my fate

Orphaned by parents,

And now by the state.

~ Michael Sam (Feelings my

own; expressed through a

friend. For when the heart

is heavy, words are but few)

Shamnad is the friend

referred to here and

therefore, we have

reproduced this

Pay Up

Dashing to the court

In a mighty fancy sleigh

O'er the case we gloat

Laughing all the way

A bunch of copyright crooks

Been rippin' off our books

What fun it is to sue this chain

In a copyright case again Copyright...

copyright..... copyright all the way..

Oh what fun it is to make these needy students pay..

Copyright... copyright... copyright all the way..

Oh what fun it is to make these needy students pay..

Books are not so cheap

And course packs are for keeps

Why then do we sue?

When our authors don't want to..

Why must we be right?

It's all about the fright

These students should just pay...

And throw their case away..

Copyright... copyright..... copyright all the way..

Oh what fun it is to make these needy students pay..

Copyright.... copyright.... copyright all the way..

Oh what fun it is to make these needy students pay..

image a balance with a pen nib in the centre

On CLAT petition…

Dear CLAT-Chancellors:

May we please petition thee?

For an exam that's error free

Year after year

It’s come under smear

For no fault of yours

But that of your peers

Who conduct CLAT from scratch

A robust rotating batch

Reinventing the wheel

With so much of zeal

And yet mucking it much

Past experience is such

Two thousand nine

All went fine

Till the paper was leaked

In a scam that reeked

A second paper was done

Quick questions spun

Tricks and treats galore

Leaving students so sore

“Legal aptitude” screamed a heading!

In a section worth shredding

Posing questions, a forty

On the law, oh so lofty!

Sample this: What’s the name of the case?

Where judges bragged their technology base

Holding the law shouldn't lag

But sway with a tech-swag

Where evidence could be taken

Even by videoconferencing

Would you know the answer sir?

Or would this, in you, some dread, stir?

Why test students on the law

When they’ve got 5 years or more?

To learn from you and your peer

At a considerable cost of 3 lakhs per year!

And what of legal “aptitude”?

That heading, you used

Not a single question we found

In this paper so profound.

Just when we thought

The worst of CLAT had been wrought

You continue your swing

More errors you fling

The best though, you saved for last

An online exam and all that.

2015 seemed a boon

But alas, we spoke too soon!

For when the paper finally came

CLAT would never be the same

You tested for knowledge of a cancer protein

Were you serious, or just menacingly mean?

Or did you merely copy and paste

From a medical paper, in bad taste?

Plagiarise, it seems you did

From multiple sources, on the internet grid.

Experts say that more than half your paper

Is likely to fall out of copyright favour!

But t’was not just the copying

Also some serious slopping

A good 40 errors were discovered

By CLAT gurus that gathered.

Many more waiting to be found

In a paper so (un) sound

And yet you refuse to make amends

Stubbornly strutting your arrogance

Rubbishing RTI's, writs and the like

Asking students to take a hike!

What ails? Why this prolonged prick?

When this exam is what makes you tick?

The one filter that accounts for NLU pride

And hides all else there is to hide.

It’s not about the money, is it?

For that can cause quite a fit

Mammon is no doubt mighty

But can also be fleetingly flighty.

We pray you get your act in order

And desist from further fodder.

For all and sundry

Including Babli and Bunty

Have mocked this CLAT

As a jovian jaunt, that's a fact.

They say it’s no better than a lottery

Where skill is trumped by luck and sorcery

Why rely on new law schools each year?

Who start from scratch, causing many a tear.

Do set up a permanent space

And hire experts that amaze

Psychometrists and all

That in test framing, stand tall

Rather than winging this treat of a test

With less than the very best.

Indeed, if justice be the aim of law

Future CLATs must be without flaw.

image ink pot and a feather that made a squiggle

Commons Right

(By Shamnad and John Daniel)

Knowledge is free, so they say

But Intellectual Property will make you pay

That legal spin can't wait to begin

To sue your blues away

So much for collaboration and my artistic salvation

Corporate dissipation has taken my bacon

Gotta sue these blues away

Commons right, let's put IP in its place

Commons right, let's get out of this rat race

Open access and open source –

They're phenomenonal of course, yeah

Let's put IP in its place

Exclusive patents and many, many rights

We've got to stop this sordid, selfish fight

Oh Master Yoda, they're trying to own yoga

Gotta sue these blues away

Commons right, let's put IP in its plac

Commons right, let's get out of this rat race

Open access and open source -

They're phenomenonal of course, yeah

Let's put IP in its place

Open Access Style

Open access style

Access style

Knowledge is free they say,

But what is this I see?

A crazy creature called IP

That’s gone off on a spree

Copyright, Patents

And many many rights

Covering all ….

Well: even yoga..

IP rights….. do you think that they’re bloody right?

IP rights…. Now its’ all about the corporate might….

IP rights….who cares about the authors’ plight?

IP rights….we’ve lost our sight..

We need to break free…..

Need to break fre

From these chains..hey

Break outta now…hey

Create an alternative reality..ty.ty..

Open access style…

Access style….

Ope…ope…ope….ope…open access style…

Access style

Ope..ope…ope..ope…open access style

Hey sexy copy…

Ope.ope.ope…ope…open access style

Hey sexy copy….



So what we do now?

Chained as we be

Open up IP

And share it with much glee

Exclusive patents

And many many rights

Lets break it up.

Hell: who’ll take the shot?

Commons’ right…lets stop this sordid selfish fight

Commons’ right….let’s do the thing that’s mighty right

Commons’ right….let’s show that we share and care

Commons’ right….we’ve found our healing prayer….


That's salvation

Lets do it now..hey

Get outta now..hey

Rein these rights and break us free….free…free

Open access style….

Access style

Ope…ope…ope… access style…

Access style

Ope…ope…ope..ope…open access style

Hey….sexy copy…..

ope...ope…ope…ope…open access style

Hey….sexy copy….ope…ope...ope…ope.

Hey hey hey..hey …hey

Open source is great

You know that, don't you mate?

Open Softwares’ done

Now to pharma, here we come

It's the sharing norm

IPs but an ancient bomb

Baby lets put IP in its place

And exit this mess of a rat race

Hey sexy copy..

Op...ope.ope ope…open access style

Hey sexy copy



open access style..

(Shamnad intended for this to be sung to the tune of ‘Open Gangam Style – but that never happened and instead Shamnad and John Daniel created and recorded the Commons Right jingle)