Shamnad Basheer

Photo of Shamnad smiling with arms outstretched, at a hill station

I soared as acloud

And then it rained

I swam as the sea

And then it froze

I glistened as a glacier

And then it thawed

Photo of Shamnad smiling

We realised that Shamnad owned this domain and we decided to host a couple of pages which could be a one stop shop for for everything Shamnad related. There is nothing that one can say about Shamnad that has not already been said. So, the only thing to do is try and live life in a way that he would appreciate. Eat organic, dress colourfully, dance like no one is watching and always help the less fortunate.

Out beyond notions of right doing and wrong doing, there is a field. I will see you there.

~ Rumi


Photo of Shamnad working on his laptop